Monday, 20 February 2012

The revolution

Would you like to sell online but worry about the hidden costs? 
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The Truth about online selling
I have been selling online for about a year now and I've had a very interesting time doing so. Selling as a private individual has been an enjoyable albeit stressful experience and for those of you out there considering it as a hobby or a prelude to a business I can tell you it's a lot of work.

One of the early lessons you will learn is that it costs you money to list your items on high traffic websites like eBay or Amazon and those 'small' initial fees and 'Final Value Fees' don't take long to add up to considerable monthly sums.  From my own experience I didn't expect to recoup the full purchase price of my DVD collection but I had hoped to get a fair market value for selling my once loved movies.  That idea vanished fairly quickly when faced with stiff competition on eBay from other like minded sellers.  Not only did a lot of my DVDs go for less than I wanted but eBay and PayPal then got around 15% of my takings and more if I had to relist several times.

It's a familiar story and you will see many online sellers moaning about the cost of selling on ebay in various forums and blogs. The truth is you are paying for a high traffic website that almost has a monopoly on the market and you face cut-throat competition from every other seller there. "Is there anywhere I can sell online that won't cripple me in the process?" is a fairly common question and the solution is out there.... Background direct from Wikipedia
"eBid is an online auction website founded in December 1998. eBid operates in twenty-one countries where it allows sellers to sell from United Kingdom, United States of America,Canada, Australia , Ireland, Belgium,Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Hong Kong, India, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa and lists to buyers in over 100 Countries. eBid uses its own online payment service PPPay  to allow for buyers and sellers to pay each other in Euros and Pounds Sterling, although members are not restricted to using this form of payment, 'Paypal' and 'Google Checkout' for example are also popular payment methods on Ebid.
Listing a basic auction on eBid is free and a zero or small percentage final value fee is paid on selling your item.
The domain has 8 million page impressions a month and attracts around 60,000 visitors a day (15m unique visitors yearly) ranking.  eBid is recognized as the ‘Best eBay Alternative’ by Webuser Magazine.
Currently eBid has 3 membership levels available for new members, Buyer (free) buyer only, Seller (free but requires credit/debit card verification) occasional seller, final value fees are 3%, Seller Plus+subscription based membership aimed at professional sellers with a recurring fee, payable every 7,30,90 or 365 days, OR a one off lifetime payment (currently £74.49 or £49.49 if taken within first 24 hours of joining). Seller Plus+ members can open up to 5 shops free. For a basic auction Seller Plus+ members pay no fee, for a gallery one they pay 2% fvf. Options like BIN only auctions & Run until Sold, are also available for free."

My view of
For those of you out there who have been selling on eBay or elsewhere and are growing tired of increasing fees and restrictions, eBid is a fresh alternative. Very low or non existant fees (depending on which account you sign up for) and very flexible listing options give you a nice platform to sell your wares. Don't expect ebid to be a carbon copy of ebay and go in with an open mind and a little patience.

Sales are a little slow initially because ebid membership is small compared to the likes of ebay but the site has grown continuously over the last few years and will continue to do so.  ebay is pushing out all the small sellers and is moving to a more Amazon like marketplace so soon the auction element may be gone altogether.  More new members join ebid every day and this is highlighted in the forum on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a solid ebay alternative then visit the site today.

What you should take away from this article is that you have nothing to lose by joining ebid but you do have loads of possibilities that you won't get for free anywhere else.  Support on the site is human and not automated and the site is reliable. Don't just take my word for it, find out for yourself.

  You may sign up to ebid directly from here today for free, it's completely up to you.

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